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[[[LIVE SPORT-]##]] Live stream: Compostela - Celta 08.08.2023

2023 4L4League Table5. 4. Betting Bet on this match To comparison, on all remaining Matches against other Teams Celta Vigo Bmade a average of 1. 5 Home Goals Tore per Match and Team Compostela 0. 9 away Goals per Match. Detailed Result Comparisons, Form and Estimations can be found in the Team and League Statistics. In this common Games the Teams scored a average of 2. 4 Goals per Match. Celta Vigo B Compostela Win 34 Loss 43 Draw 11Ø Goals per Match 11. Gameday30/10/13, 20:30SD Compostela - Celta B2: 1 11. GamedayAll Soccer Matches ordered by Timeline06/03/21, 17:00Compostela - Celta Vigo B FT 1: 2 06/12/20, 12:00Celta Vigo B - Compostela FT 0: 3 10/04/16, 16:30Celta B - SD Compostela FT 1: 0 22/11/15, 19:00SD Compostela - Celta B FT 2: 1 22/02/15, 16:30Celta B - SD Compostela FT 0: 1 05/10/14, 18:30SD Compostela - Celta B FT 1: 2 16/03/14, 16:30Celta B - SD Compostela FT 1: 1 30/10/13, 20:30SD Compostela - Celta B FT 2: 1 In the Football League Home Table Celta Vigo B has the 7th Place and in the current Away League Table of the Football League the 4th Place.

(LIVE HD#) Compostela VS Celta live streaming 8 August

Celta De Vigo II

(Streaming-) Online: Compostela - Celta Live Stream 8 AugustCompostela VS Celta live online 8 August | GroupSoccer Team Compostela is in the Leagues Home Table on 5th Place and in the Away Table of the Football League currently on the 7th Place. Cross Comparison Celta Vigo B and Compostela Direct Comparison of the Matches for Celta Vigo B and Compostela related the recent Games and their Results of both Teams against common opponents. ((WATCH ONLINE)) Compostela - Celta live match 08. 08.

SD Compostela vs Celta Vigo B live score, H2H and lineups

[[[ONLINE@@@]''']] Compostela v Celta live online 08/08/2023


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