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The Apostolic Nunciature and its friends donated to the "Italy-Taiwan: healthy together" campaign




義大利經濟貿易文化推廣處(IETCPO)| 連絡電話:02-23450320

外交部 | 連絡電話:0905-479-702

教廷駐華大使館 | 連絡電話:02-27006847

▲ (上圖) 義大利經濟貿易文化推廣辦事處代表紀大為先生接受教廷駐華大使館代辦佳安道蒙席致贈之醫療物資 Mr. Davide Giglio, Representative of the IETCPO and Msgr. Arnaldo Catalan, Charge d’Affaires of the Apostolic Nunciature at the turnover meeting.


On 25 March 2020, the Apostolic Nunciature and its friends donated 62 boxes of protective gear and some medical instruments to the campaign dubbed "Italy-Taiwan: healthy together" promoted by the Italian Economic, Trade and Cultural Promotion Office in Taiwan (IETCPO) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA).

The campaign was started to encourage bilateral exchanges of know-how and experiences in the health sector between Italian and Taiwanese doctors, in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic that has hit Italy heavily. It also seeks donations of medical equipment and instruments which are very necessary but which are not easily available in Europe due to their high demand at the present moment. The MOFA will transport the donations to Italy as soon as a sufficient amount is accumulated.

Whoever would want to contribute to the campaign may contact the IETCPO (2345-0320), the MOFA (0905-479-702) or the Apostolic Nunciature (2700-6847).

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